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Hello Dear People!

I haven't been around much, so I wanted to wish everyone whatever fun and fairy lights can be found out there these days. I will NOT get down this winter, no matter what lunar landscape I seem suddenly to be living on. (Note to self: Can this be shortened for use as mantra?)

I've gotten swept up in translating a Cruel!snape fic from the German. (One reason I'm so busy. I've also just about found my first paid job in years, so freaked out.). This new vocabulary list is very different from the ones I had at school. Haha! Does anyone else ever translate from another language? I find that German comes out stilted and yet hysterical if I don't turn it on it's head and bang until all the pauses come out in different places.

Anyway, I have not abandoned Merlin. I've been beavering away at my bridges piece and should have all three parts finished, if not good exactly. Still here!

Joy to all!
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I was wondering what the scare factor for L and the D was? After Cam's lovely and hilarious shower of twinkliness I took heart. (I don't think I could bear another Damien...I'm still trying to force myself to watch him lose his soul in the last episode.). So maybe just atmospheric? Also some accidental nudity? Haha.

Ahem. So I am in a tizzy Tumblr! Thoughts )
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Oh lovely people. Have you ever orphaned a work by mistake? I do far too much fandom stuff while walking a very large and stubborn dog and I somehow contrived to orphan something by mistake when he yanked me. I"m shocked at how sad it makes me when you consider that someone reads this work about...oh I don't know...once a year. Lol

I forgot to mention to anyone paying attention to my cousin's meshugah wedding situation: The show is Arranged and their episodes started today at 10 EST on FYI. (Ben and Vicky) If you see it, I may appear towards the end as a frowsy and jet lagged person wearing stockings with the seam showing.
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Happy Mother's Day if that's something that you do! And if there's a tinge of sadness in there for whatever reason, here's a hug from me () :)
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I've heard there's a post-in-May-encouragathon, so, you know, I am in favor of encouragement.

Is anyone else just now starting a Damien watch? For a long time my love of Bradley James fought with my fear of Horror, but now Bradley love has won, obviously. And I am very far behind!

I've heard the show gets better and better. Now it seems a bit rushed. They've killed off the first love interest already? I love the Rottweilers and I don't believe for a minute that they're evil. Ditto Bradley. I suppose I will have to see him go bad in the end. Dread, dread.
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After I got the list Rotrude was kind enough to prepare of all these lovely books that she read, I picked The Swan Maker as the one for me, and hied off to the local bookstore.

They have a cat who is famous in Japan, a koi pond and a painfully tiny Sci-Fi/Fantasy corner. They had never heard of The Swan Maker, though that might be my fault as by the time I got there I could only remember that it was British and something about Swans and that the author had a name that was very, very Irish.

Fine. I went to Barnes and Noble where there is a very large Sci/Fi department and even more enormous infestation of Manga novels that redistributes itself around the store occasionally like a colony of lice. Not that there is anything wrong with reading Manga. If I could I would still be there and very happy, too.

The much better computer at Barnes and Nobles uncovered the name of the book, but not where to buy it. Narrowing my eyes at this further proof that the customer's desire means absolute bubbka unless it corresonds to a fad discovered by someone in a board room 8 months ago, I went home and looked it all up on Amazon.

Nothing. Doing.

WTF? I am done. This book has been excised from view. Well, actually it might be available on AmazonUK if I could convince them to sell me anything. Which I can't.

Also what I am really worried about is the election, but I will not mention the name of most of the people involved.
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I'm sorry New York, for selling you down the river. Here are five things I love about where I live.

1. There are three Ospreys that live on the three blocks between my house and my son's school. They eat pigeons. Good on them.

2. There is a very thin Italian man who sells homemade pasta from the front room of a tiny apartment. I have no idea if it is legal. It is next to a yoga studio and that is probably the only reason anyone knows it's there. The stuff is really, really good. Maybe it would be nice if he would stop giving my husband better deals than me.

3. Nobody stayed inside before, during or after Jonah. Everyone just kept going where they had to go. No school was cancelled. My neighbor turned the snow bank in front of her house into a giant Sphinx.

4. I once went the entire day with random splotches of make up from a costume on my face and none of the 1,000's of people I saw that day could give a shit. I didn't even notice until I got home.

5. The water has lots of little miniature crustaceans in it that make it taste really sweet.
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A question for all you lovely people.

I wanted to write a cross over with The Blue Castle because I can't trick anyone into doing it for me.

It's an LM Montgomery romance, set in Manitoba, Canada in the'20's. The main character is a 29 year old old maid who has never fit into her staid family. Then she finds out she's going to die and decides to live without fear.

Anyhoo, to make it work for guys you would have to move it forward in time and make the shame related to being sensitive and artistic and underemployed. And it's hard to figure out how to write the romantic lead.

I think the whole thing might work better as Femslash, actually because the romantic interest has a secret identity as a writer and so would be perfect as someone who is living as a man, while writing as a woman.

I mean it's perfect! Except I can't think of anyone from Merlin who could pass as a man? Any ideas? I'd kind of like for it to be Morgana, but she's so curvy. Mithian and Freya seem like they're really short? For it to work, this gal would have to pass. Although s/he would be living in the woods as a recluse... So maybe not. Thoughts?

Maybe I'm just crazy.
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This is just a quick up date about my odd wedding experience. I found out the show is called "Arranged". Read more... )
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There was a request to describe the reality TV experience, so I described things so far below.
Read more... )
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I am leaving on an airplane. The children are not coming with me! If it were not an insult to MLK I would declare myself free at last! Only one prob. Thought I would get lots of writing done, but I think it would be too awkward on rather formidable looking gent's lap. Yeah, it's that crowded. Seattle, here I come! Oh and if you are addicted to A and E reality shows, you might see me. I'm going to my frumm cousin's wedding and they're being featured in this thing about arranged marriages. (They do not have an arranged marriage, btw.). Good thing I bought lipstick at the duty free....
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This is the time of year to shake off fears of boring people in honor of greeting them instead.

So happy December everyone!

Things I am thinking:

About booksRead more... )

Read more... )

It's time to meet my daughter's class at The Stone House where they are learning about the Revolutionary War. Honestly, I think Washington's troops mostly got lost in the Gowanus and found the site just in time to get completely creamed by Royal forces, but hey, I should make it OK; it's just down the block.

Happy everything, everyone!

Tinky Winky

Jul. 2nd, 2015 01:56 pm
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I want to rename The Freedom Tower

Tinky Winky.

This Fourth of July is the perfect time to begin my campaign. Please pass it on.

(ignore the tears of frustration because I CAN"T ADD VISUALS)
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I can read again! That's in no small part due to some kind words from Brunettepett and Rotrude. It could be you all are accustomed to Making a Difference, one life at a time etc. but I thought you should know that it really mattered to me.

A little human reassurance helped me see that my smartphone made me dumbRead more... )

I'm happy to submerge up to my hippopotomous eyeballs in a story again without seeing the dreaded "bath mat" call to reality.

"Bath mat" comes from a wonderful book by Margaret Mahy (That's a rec)Read more... )
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Back when I was supposed to doing May Post-a-Day Alfred turned 11. This was his first birthday since his best friend died and I wanted to post photos of Alfred wearing a hat and of the little Spinone puppy our friends got now that Denali is gone. But!!!!

Total technical failure.

Had a little temper tantrum. Bad words were spoken. May ended. Just got over it today.

So I thought I would share the struggle I'm having learning to read. Has this happened to any of you? I mean obviously I can read. I have a history as a reader...but no future. Some combination of old age, technology and sleep deprivation have divorced me from my reading past. And I don't finish anything anymore. (I'm also having trouble watching television, but that is too weird so I won't ask for sympathy.)

So in May/June I tried to read Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch

Read more... )

Then at my husband's suggestion I read (half of) Hunting the English: The Angry Isle by A.A GillRead more... )

My Life in Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead. This is the one I finished.Read more... )
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Just saw izombie and that seems to be it for Lowell😢

Bradley was very good. I got the feeling they shot this episode before the previous one, based on his profile. Must have liked him so much they added the let's bite Rose's shoulder scene that I missed!!! (Wails!)

The show's getting better-I may even watch it after Lowell goes. (Though let's face it; I'm hoping he'll pop up again)

There is no way it's shot in Seattle, though. No number of forced Kurt Cobain references is going to make up for no nose dive hills, no Mount Ranier, no Lake Union/Lake Washington...is it that expensive to film there? Why is everything always shot in Canada?
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Happy Mother's Day to all who do that!

Mine is off to a rocky start as the dog (Alfred) is reaping the wages of sin (vomit, diahrrhea). I was out with him late last night and came back to my daughter crying.

I was all alone! There was nobody anywhere..and you love Alfred more than me!

My son woke up in the wee hours demanding to see "Bob Hates Bob.

Honey, I don't think there is an episode of Bob the Builder where he hates Bob the builder! (me on the other hand...)

But then I went outside and the sidewalks were covered with apple tree blossoms! And there were men and children everywhere, letting all the moms sleep in😍
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It's not that I didn't write posts. I just erased most of them. They all went something like

My real thoughts about Brad Pitt and Coca cola are... We appreciate things in context, but marketers don't notice this. Tasters like soda sweeter when they only take one sip, but prefer it less sweet when they drink the whole thing. Guess which kind they sell? Brad Pitt is so hot because we first saw him fucked for pleasure in a movie about what women need -Thelma and Louise. Whenever they want a new Brad Pitt, do they make a new Thelma and Louise? NO.

If I had any computer skills I would share...The cutest picture of Bradley as a three year old. I can't find it anymore and it was never shared, due to my technical incompetence. Anyone have it?

If you are moved by Arthur's Death SceneYou would be sobbing over Fitz switching places with the Fool to take his death. I cannot recommend Robin Hobbs highly enough, though I am so devestated by her refusal to accept fanfiction written about her characters, combined with the horrible things she's done to all of them in her latest book that I am almost afraid to suggest you actually read them...

I'm just nattering on, really...
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I can't believe I missed the part of izombie where Bradley has sex with Rose. My daughter was sick and I spent extra time in her room only to come back to find my husband (Nick) watching the show.

Nick: Hey you missed Arthur having sex
Me: Arthur who?
Nick: You know that guy who was Arthur on izombie
Me: Rewind
Nick: I can't rewind it. It's live t.v.
Me: That's not possible. (Looks desperately at keyboard for rewind button.)
Nick: Remember live t.v. Rachel? It doesn't work like that.
Me: I don't beieve you.

He was right. But he promised me we could find the episode again.

Was it good? I thought Bradley was a total goof that time he popped up in bed during that Inspector Morse episode, but he's developed a lot as an actor since then.... ahem....


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