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This is just a quick up date about my odd wedding experience. I found out the show is called "Arranged". The wedding was at The Museum of Space and Flight at Boeing, which was neat. It was very echoing and- hanging out with the bride and the guests- I could hear my cousin and his young men friends starting to roar and whoop it up from far away.

They sounded like hooligans. Is it traditional I wondered, for the Katan to do his bride stealing (It was bride stealing. They came and grabbed Vicky and carried her away.) without her father there to temper it?

The most moving part was under the chupah when his Mom dressed Ben in his white Kittel. It was probably the first time she had dressed him since he was a little boy and definitely it was the last.

The other moving part was when I first saw the bride. Because they separate the bride and groom and I was groom's side, I hadn't clapped eyes on Vicky all week. When I finally saw her heading down the hall to the changing room, it was very dramatic. The kala, the bride, is a symbol of the Sabbath and everything beautiful and meaningful and she totally carried it.

It was disturbing that other than my Uncle there didn't appear to be many older guys doing stuff. The Rabbi from Ben's synagogue growing up read the Ketubah (the wedding contract) and Ben's personal Rebbe, the guy who converted him in Israel, said a prayer. But that's it.

There was not much room for older generations at this wedding.

At the dancing I felt like I was crashing someone's prom.

That is not traditional.

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