May. 4th, 2015 10:08 am
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OMG! Someone actually picked my prompt for a glompfest. It's Snarry, which doesn't seem to be all that popular with Merlin folks. Still I'm absurdly pleased.

I wonder why I like Merlin AU's so much, but prefer HP stories to stay more or less in the original world? Is this just something about (7) books vs. T.V.?

Post -a-Day

May. 3rd, 2015 10:24 pm
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This week was not half bad.

Last week I poured boiling pasta water on my foot, lost a child at The Transit Museum during my son's birthday party and spent 2 hours in Borough Park being deloused. This last was actually the best experience as it was done by a Chasidic lice lady and it was kinda fun going outside my usual frame of reference. Even better, when she got to my husband who has absurdly long hair, she cut 8 inches off! And just think: her husband would feel defiled if he touched me. Of course, given the circs, he would have a point. Anyway, she could do this thing because she's a woman and so less...delicate Hmmmm (BTW this is not a bad living these people earn and you can work from home! Long line of bearded rabbis on wall probably optional.)

Anyone else really feeling this Spring?


Apr. 29th, 2015 12:39 pm
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You might want to check out:

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt

Why you should see this:

Completely shameless satire is AFRAID of NOONE
There are dog bouquets
John Hamm (Madmen) plays a cult leader
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I am gearing up to write a freaky-friday part of a Merthur fic and I need some help.

Merlin is a graduate student/dad/yoga teacher.
His husband is an ambitious Univsity administrator who leaves it all to Merlin

Arthur is going to switch bodies with Merlin and I need ideas.

What did Merlin's husband expect Merlin to do that Arthur says "hell no!"

What happens when Arthur attempts to teach yoga, baby mind, talk to academics. (Queer poets is Merlin's specialty)

I have ideas but would love to hear yours!
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I gave my husband tickets to Cabaret for his name day and didn't think about it again till I found myself sitting at a cafe table at the Kit Kat Club (Studio 54 that was)

I'd forgotten!!!

Theatre is thrilling! The entire cast was phenomenal but Alan Cummings...

Well let's just say that when the man strutted town the aisle dropping sweat I knew why Shia Leboeuf gave into the urge to slap him on the ass. (It looks great, even with a swastica on it,)

It was also his 50th birthday and he was glowing with energy just as he was when we first saw him 20 years ago. Good news, that.

If anything he was more virile and swaggering than before which just goes to show you can go bi and wear a corset and be very male about it.

Thanks, Alan!
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Help!! I have been swallowed into a pit of Snarry fics. I blame Alan Rickman's voice and also the fact that after 6-8 years out of the loop

JOB HUNTING. Is terrifying. So I'm hiding.

Has this ever happened to you? My Merlin life is so much more productive, but time with Snape is just life avoidance and I know it😳


Jul. 19th, 2014 10:51 am
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Ah Vermont!  Green hills, bright stars, mummified mice...

I get to run past farm houses up hill and then slide down into a stream, a fast flowing one that thrashes you around a bit.


And the community is so small.  Can I tell you how wonderful it is to go into a little white clappered New England library and print something out for 30 cents without waiting on line?

i give it about 3 more days before I go bat shit insane...
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I'm not talking about Alice in Wonderland, but about this book:

Cracked:  The Unhappy Truth About Psychiatry

If anyone you care about takes antidepressants or other drugs to "correct" brain chemistry, you might want to read this book.

Mind you, the author, James Davies, is kind of bitchy and he spends a lot of time bitterly describing how fancy people's offices are.  I wouldn't assume he was always objective.  He did tell me some things I didn't know, though.  For instance he says there is no good evidence that low serotonin makes people depressed.  Nor are there very good trials showing that Prozac is better than a placebo.  (Pharm companies tend to throw out negative trials since they only need two positive ones to get a green light.)

So I'm not telling anyone what to do here.  Just a heads up.
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Birthday Roundelay

Heave your stein, get off your bot
Hail Camelittle of Camelot

She's a good sort, not too fussy
Half a jokester-a quarter hussy

and since she was born this June day
Here's a birthday Roundelay

Add a bit, long or terse
Make this better or a little worse

Heave your stein, get off your bot
Hail Camelittle of Camelot
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No I haven't given up dieting.  Actually I haven't started dieting.  I'm just walking up to Crown Heights to pick up my son from the nutty Lebovechers and it's May and I'm thinking:  there's not too much of me (or you or anyone).  There's too little.  I mean, I'm as crummy as the next person. Probably crummier, but I should just spend more time as myself actually paying attention to what I care about.

eg:  Patrick Rothfuss is publishing a new book in Nov about a female trickster character of his.  Yes!

And my son's first word was vacuum.  How could I have told you all on chatsy I didn't remember?   NOT paying attention!

Happy May
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Hey Guys,

I missed a Dr.'s appointment for my daughter today.  This  being New York, the receptionist had gotten into trouble for letting me have a set appointment just to explore possible problems she may have, so it was tense that I missed it.  Two days ago I tried to get my son into the Dentist only to discover that it was either a floating office or a scam.

So RL requires a lot of attention, even to do the little things and my poor holistic brain is not good at things like that.  I'm afraid my  kids can't afford for  me to be distracted.  I gotta do better, so

I'm going to take a little break-like.  (The other option, to inhabit a world where it is easy to make Dr.'s appts. seemed great but, though I can see through the glass door, no one will let me inside!)

I mention it just so everyone knows I would be there rooting for you if I could.  :)

If anyone has a favorite snatch of poetry they want to share...I sense it's going to be Poetry for a bit, yup...
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I promised word nerdery and here it is:

Read the following rhymes, aphorisms and common expressions using the words lie and lay.   Label each either "conventional" form, the "alternative" form or "reflexive" form.  Then shoot me.

A. Let sleeping dogs lie.

B. Lay it on me, bro!

C. Leave it lay.

D. Leave it lie.

E.  Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray The Lord my soul to keep

F.  See a penny, pick it up
All day long you'll have good luck
See a penny, leave it lay
You'll have bad luck all the day

G..You made your bed; now lie in it.

H. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.
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OMG my 3 year old's school gave out a purim basket with

*A Hamentasch the size of my head and
*Two small liquor bottles and
* Two shot glasses

Is it me or does this seem scarcely legal?  Whoah!  Happy Purim, folks!
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Dear lovely people:


That's why I haven't spread out my grandma's quilt and made a nice sunny spot here for you, with one of the more pacific of the cats I've had over the years all curled up. (Just knock that vicious one on his little furry tuchus.)

I just can't figure out how to do anything on my LJ journal other than turn it this odd shade of brown.

So step right up to my kitchen table and I'm making you pancakes.  (If I could put this part under the cut, I would.)

Your knees might be up to your ears a bit. It's a kid table. Oh and it's a little warped because the children paint and the cat knocks over everyone's water glass. But the pancakes are good.

Now I've noticed that quite often Arthur and Merlin make each other pancakes, the morning after. I mean apart from the times they have burnt toast and canned beans.

Chances are they are doing it wrong. So here is the definitive guide to making pancakes presented to you by DUMBASS. I mean, me.

1. Use a medium sized bowl and a two cup pyrex liquid measuring cup and a little teeny-tiny bowl that you have lying around because you can't resist little teeny-tiny bowls.  Anything more and you may have to do dishes. I don't clean.

2. In the medium bowl put two cups of flour. 1 tsp bakings soda, 1 tsp baking powder and a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg

Flours come in three types: Use All You Want, A Little Won't Hurt and Don't Bother

UAYW- white, whole wheat pastry,rice, oat, chestnut, millet, corn
ALWH-regular whole wheat flour, teff flour, almond flour,
DB-----buckwheat, rye, quinois, garbanzo bean, spelt

3.  In the pyrex mix together: two cups of liquid, (measure this first or you may have to use a fourth container), 1-3 eggs, vanilla

Liquid should be alive.  Any of the following are good:

Yoghurt + milk
live culture coconut pudding + almond milk  (or similar)

4. Add 2 TBS of liquid fat.  (oil or microwave butter in the teeny-tiny bowl)  DO NOT ADD TO LIQUID FIRST.  It should float on top a little.

5. Mix briefly.  Leave lumps.  Leave sitting around while you prepare griddle.

6.  Non stick griddles are great.  Big flat iron ones, long seasoned are better.  If you don't have either of those (and why would you?) just make sure that you don't rub down with fat more than once or twice.

7. Tap faucet to get drops of water and fling with that Greek gesture that means I curse you to hell onto hot suface.  If it sizzles, you can pour pancake with quarter cup measuring cup I forgot to mention earlier.

8.  Before they bubble and need to be turned over, add the disgusting chocolate chips that your husband and children insist on .... I mean whatever you like:  Blueberries, bananas and walnuts etc.

9.  Sit down and eat with me!  I gave you strong coffee, little fruit servings in teeny-tiny bowls in fiesta colors, white fish, bacon and orange juice in teeny-tiny cups.  The Maple syrup is from Vermont but I've also included sour cream and jam because ....well I'll tell you when I make GRANDPA ABE'S CHEESE PANCAKES.

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1. 3 Men and a Baby

Brotherly bonding, macho posturing disguising heart of gold, child on naked chest. Yes! Where is this?

2. Prince and the Pauper

OK maybe not twins, because I like Bradley zinging off of someone else's work, too. But identity switch? Yes, would definitely highlight the odd mixed parts that he is-beautiful yet goofy, closed yet clownish...yes

3. Identity Thief

For reasons above. I think Bradley is a great straight man. I think because he's good looking, he's not cast for it.

4. Anything where he loves someone despite himself. We love it as Merlin fangirls because that is so obviously what happens between the characters there, but I think that Bradley holds himself back in every intimate scene. (Is this just me?) He seems uncomfortable and I want the writer, the actor and the director to just go there.
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When I have a sec, I'm writing silly fics about those boys on Merlin, but I know the roots of that obsession come from somewhere else. Thought I'd share that somewhere else in case anyone ever cared to climb backwards to the other thing.
Two boys on quests. Well that's Robin Hobb and her beautiful Farseer series. But she didn't let the main characters fall in love, nor did she want anyone else to write that story so I leapt into the unprotected pool of Merlin stories. I feel bad that some fans tortured the vulnerable actors who lit the show up and made it possible to fantasize about the characters, but let's face it, James Bradley has the face of an angel. Who could help themselves?
Before any of these stories, though, the original projection was Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali. Lorca looked like someone from the Adam's Family. Maybe Dali did too. And they met in college and they each brought something magnificent to all of Albion...I mean Spain :)
Dali betrayed Lorca. Spain betrayed Lorca. And I don't have time to say any of what I wanted about him. Just picked up Poet in New York for the first time in years and wanted to share what he promised us.

From Nueva York (Oficina y denuncia) "...en el alba mentinda de New York existen los Montanas, lo Se"

From New York (Office and Denunciation) "In the counterfeit dawn of the city, there are mountains I know."

There are no mountains in New York but I've never stopped looking for them!


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