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I was wondering what the scare factor for L and the D was? After Cam's lovely and hilarious shower of twinkliness I took heart. (I don't think I could bear another Damien...I'm still trying to force myself to watch him lose his soul in the last episode.). So maybe just atmospheric? Also some accidental nudity? Haha.

Ahem. So I am in a tizzy A lot of it has to do with the election which I'll spare you. I did get very excited and cut a bit of my pinky-uggh while trying to wrap my niece's b-day present.

I unfollowed my first person ever on Tumblr and I'm completely traumatized by it. I hate this mutual shunning thing. Mind you I only just realized there was an "activity button" so I may be just catching on.

The reason I unfollowed her was a reblog stating that that it was just outrageously annoying when people suggest that people with differing opinions should be respected. Apparently some people's opinions mean they need to be shunned.

I don't believe this. If I don't like someone's politics or share their life style I do not think they are bad and I am good. I'm fairly sure that many people who do and think awful things also do and think good things. And as for myself...please. The fact that I hold certain "noble" tenets doesn't undo the litany of sins of commission of and omission which I am mentally rehearsing right now and which is quite tediously long but mostly not illegal. I think maybe I will be shunned for having this core belief?

So I'm afraid of tumblr again!

Wish I could write someone a letter, but at this point that is such an act of indecent intimacy, it's like proposing to someone you met at the grocery store!

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