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This is the time of year to shake off fears of boring people in honor of greeting them instead.

So happy December everyone!

Things I am thinking:

About booksI finally read Game of Thrones because I wanted to watch it on t.v. and I feel very strange about it. I normally don't like things that are mostly political machinations because they bore me and I get all the key players mixed up with each other. This was very entertaining though....Too entertaining? Have you read this? I feel like he took all the boring bits out, sort of like magazine articles that hook you into buying....except he's all hook? How can he do this for 1,000's of pages? So take hundreds of pages of sound bites and cross it with a rolodex? Does anyone know what I mean?of

As mentioned above, I finally figured out how the t.v. works again. So I saw something called Black Books which is about very funny, somewhat vile people and makes me think that some people who are not me had friends in improv comedy troups who did not dread their performances. Then there is Rita, which is Danish and hilarious about a maverik teacher. It's Danish so it's all about sincerity and coffee which appears in big carafes in every scene at every time of day and on every surface including ones where people are having sexc

It's time to meet my daughter's class at The Stone House where they are learning about the Revolutionary War. Honestly, I think Washington's troops mostly got lost in the Gowanus and found the site just in time to get completely creamed by Royal forces, but hey, I should make it OK; it's just down the block.

Happy everything, everyone!
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